What type of gadget obsession are you suffering from? #YoGa2bFree

Mobile devices like tablets and phones are designed to make our lives both productive and entertaining. Let's face it; they are so addictive that we can't live without them. We become so obsessed with our devices that we fail to realize how badly we are trapped within their box.

Find out your gadget obsession and seek help .. 'cause #YoGa2bFree

1Are you a Cross-eyed Gadget Gamer?

If you spend long hours flinging some birds at a bunch of pigs or running through a jungle collecting coins, your eyes probably feel like this at the end of the day.

image Image Credit: reactiongifs.com

2Are you a stiff-necked Movie Buff?

If laying back with a movie on your tablet is the favourite thing to do in bed like @mihirfadnavis below, then your hands probably go like this. Time to take a STAND.


3Are you a tired-finger Text Addict?

If you have a penchant for repeatedly arguing with people via text messages you must have felt that sharp pain in your fingers and wrists. No wonder they call it repetitive stress injury. Yeah we understand your stress :)

image Image Credit: Tumblr

4Are you a hunch-backed Tablet Typer?

If you are the creative sorts who are obsessed about dotting the I's and crossing the T's as you finalize your film script like @ashwinmushran then you must be aching from leaning forward. Time to TILT back.


5Are you a Taut-thumbed Swiper?

If you are wiping through menus and screens over and over, all day long, fear not. Everyone adores a super-optimistic guy who ‘Likes’ everything.

image Image Credit: quickmeme.com

6Are you a short-handed DIY'er

If you feel like you need an extra arm just to hold on to your gadget while you take on that latest project, that might end up costing you both your arm and a leg. why not HANG it instead?

image Image Credit: Flickr

7Are you a view-Askew Chatterbox?

If you walk around with your phone tucked between your ear and your shoulder while you talk , you are probably going to end up with a slanted perspective of life.

image Image Credit: quickmeme.com

8Are you a Twisted-Wrist Tab junkie?

If you are struggling like @ankitv to grip your tablet during the daily commute, and wringing your hands in pain, then you probably need more than a tight slap on your wrist. HOLD that thought, shall we :)


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